WTWA Student Reviews & Testimonials

Wondering what it's like to be a part of the online Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy?
Here's what our students have to say about their experience!

Student Case Study: Yves Peraux

“The academy is the way to go to learn about Daoism”


"Taoism has been helping people find and nurture peace and balance for thousands of years. As our lives become ever-more urban and busy, Taoism’s focus on connecting with nature has never been more necessary, or transformative.

Yves came to the academy having followed George’s videos on Youtube. It was there that he’d first learned about Daoism. Alongside George’s explorations, he began reading texts such as the Tao Te Ching and Tao of Pooh to get deeper into the philosophy, inspired by its promises of tranquility and natural living.

Joining WTWA Online, Yves was able to take his studies even further and deeper. With the guidance of Master Gu he not only developed a broader understanding of the philosophy itself, but discovered how he could embody its wisdom through tai chi, qi gong and meditation.

More peaceful, more collected, and crucially “in harmony with the world around him”, Yves is one of hundreds of students to have taken their interest in Taoism to a new level with Master Gu."

Student Testimonial: Thomas Bricker

“The perfect combination of content of quality."


"I’d been interested in tai chi for some time, so when the pandemic hit I was determined to it up more seriously.

Having followed George's videos on YouTube for quite a while, I admired the quality of his filmmaking and absolutlely loved Master Gu’s charisma. When I discovered that he and Master Gu were launching the online academy I knew it’d be great and couldn’t wait to join.

Now I have this perfect combination of content and quality. I like the way the lessons are shot, the sound is perfect and the system is very easy to access. Whether it's Qi Gong, Tai Chi, philosophy or meditation, it’s all there, 24/7.

But Master Gu is of course the main reason I joined. His delivery is incredible, his command of English is beautiful. His knowledge and sincerity just permeates everything he says and does. I could listen and learn with him all day long!"


Student Review: Charles Peebles

"The Academy is one of the best things that ever happened to me"


"In our hectic world, peace and balance seem ever harder to grasp. If you too find yourself searching for them, you’re not alone.

Taoism has been helping people find and nurture these vital aspects of fulfilled living for thousands of years.

Discover how Charles, a WTWA Online student, discovered the healing potential of Taoism, and with it a powerful new calmness, comfort and harmony."

Student Case Study: Josephine Ford

"I'm enjoying life a lot more than what I used to."


"When I lost my job through illness, I decided to start learning tai chi, but it was a struggle finding an authentic local teacher who taught the philosophical and cultural traditions behind Tai Chi.

I started looking online and soon found George. I was inspired by his journey with Master Gu, learning Tai Chi and Taoist living from an authentic Wudang master.

As soon as I discovered the Online Academy I knew it was where I would continue my training.

WTWA Online is thorough: from fundamentals to full Tai Chi forms, all the way to Chinese culture. Despite the breadth of courses you’re given a thorough introduction, so you can learn your first steps and use them straight away.

My cognition has improved. My body feels healthier. I'm enjoying life a lot more than what I used to.

What’s more it’s all up to you: what you study, when, where. They guide you to make your own learning journey, but the amazing community and Master Gu’s livestreams mean that there’s always help and company too.

So join us! You’ll learn a lot, you'll make new friends, and improve your life. I hope to see you soon!"


Student Testimonial: Rosa Parella

“You’ve found the right place!”


"I got into Daoism around a year ago. I was channel hopping at home and a Chinese historical drama came on. I saw how they featured Daoism and the Chinese way of life, and realised it was basically the way I had been living my life for the last 50-odd years.

I looked for more information on Daoism and that’s how I found WTWA: by accident (though we all know that accidents are not really accidents!)

If you’re looking for the true Daoist culture but you can't get to Wudangshan, then you’ve found the right place. You can still live Daoism by accessing the platform and its content.

Everything on the platform is really interesting, from the lessons themselves to all the extras like the livestream and communities. Master Gu’s teaching is at once fascinating, fun and authentic. I’ve learned not just Chinese Culture and Daoism but Tai Chi and Qi Gong too.

Do give it a try because it's really, really worth it. You can study whenever and wherever you like. To me, it’s the best academy out there."


Embark on a nourishing Tai Chi journey with Master Gu

Thank you for studying with Master Gu these past four weeks. If you want to continue your growth, there’s nowhere better to do so than with his online academy.

WTWA Online has a three-year core curriculum to excite and support both beginners and long-term practitioners. From the quick-to-learn Wudang 8 Form to the powerful Sword Form, with tours and demonstrations from magnificent mountain temples, Master Gu offers you a learning experience that’s as close to being in Wudang as possible, as well as the Taoist philosophy, medicine, meditation and Qi Gong you need to get the full benefit from your practice.

All the lessons have been lovingly filmed by his disciple and filmmaker, George Thompson.

As a student, you’ll enjoy:

  • Detailed tai chi tution: demonstrations and step-by-step instruction with multiple angles
  • Wider learning in qi gong, meditation, Daoist philosophy and much more
  • Master Gu as your guide: a Wudang lineage master of 15 years.
  • Full-HD lessons shot in Wudang Mountains by disciple and filmmaker George Thompson
  • Hangout monthly on Zoom with Master Gu
  • Learn in community with 800+ fellow explorers