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Introducing a unique online academy
for your mind, body and spirit.


Flow like water. Stand strong like a tree.

Tai Chi Chuan (太极拳 taijiquan) is a meditative martial art
created in the Wudang Mountains by Zhang Sanfeng, 1000CE.

Master Gu, a 15th generation descendant of the Sanfeng Tai Chi lineage, honed his skills in the tranquil Wudang Mountains. This Tai Chi course presents a rare chance to learn from a true Taoist Tai Chi Master, blending the gentle martial art with Qigong principles. Ideal for beginners, the program allows you to practice Tai Chi and embrace its calming, balancing benefits from any corner of the world. Embrace this unique opportunity to connect with an ancient lineage through an accessible online format, learning and growing under Master Gu's expert guidance.

With Master Gu's online Tai Chi course, you will learn to:

  • Generate more energy 
  • Develop strong legs and be able to balance well
  • Express yourself with your body
  • Find peace of mind
  • Reconnect with your natural power
  • Let go of pain and accept your whole self
  • Live joyfully!

From beginners to mastery:
Master Gu guides you deep into Tai Chi

8 Form, 33 Form, 28 Form, 13 Form, Sword Form and much more...

The academy has a three-year curriculum that will excite you, no matter if you are a complete beginner or a long term practitioner.

The tuition for each Tai Chi form with Master Gu, an authentic Taoist master, begins at a magnificent temple in the Wudang Mountains, a revered site for this ancient Chinese martial art. Delving deep into Tai Chi, Master Gu explains the history of the form, including its roots in Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine, and demonstrates it for you. Then, in the serene woodland training ground, he breaks down the practical tuition into easy-to-learn sections, ideal for new comers and those interested in deepening their practice.

Master Gu is a joyful teacher, embodying the meditative and mind-body harmony that Tai Chi offers. He shows how to have fun and not take yourself too seriously while also empowering you to take charge of your wellness, whether you're practicing Tai Chi for health, arthritis, or as a spiritual practice.

All the lessons have been lovingly filmed by his disciple and filmmaker, George Thompson. Let the beauty of the temples inspire you, and let the bird song reconnect you with your natural power. These online classes, accessible from the comfort of your own home, bring the essence of Wudang Tai Chi to a global online community, making it easy for anyone interested in authentic Tai Chi to begin their journey.

You’ll learn much more than just ‘exercise'

Tai Chi is not just a physical exercise. It is a practice for your holistic well-being: your mind, body, and spirit. That is why, as a student of the academy, you can also learn Taoist philosophy, medicine, meditation, and Qi Gong. In our online Tai Chi courses, Master Gu also shares the deep principles of powerful, peaceful, and beautiful Tai Chi.

Here is a sample video where Master Gu talks about the martial, meditative, and artistic elements of good Tai Chi practice.


Wudang Tai Chi 8 short form:

the best place to start for beginners


If you are just beginning Tai Chi, welcome! You are embarking on a nourishing journey.

The first form you will learn with us is the Wudang 8 form. It covers many important postures in Wudang Tai Chi and is relatively quick to learn. The form takes around 2 minutes to perform, so it is a great option if you want to add a moving meditation to your daily routine.

Here is Master Gu demonstrating the form with his disciple Eli in the Laozi temple in the Wudang Mountains.

Also Included With Your Student Membership:

Full access to the academy designed to help you live long and live well

Qi Gong Course

Activate your energy

Through simple, repeated movements inspired by the natural world, Qi Gong offers relief from distraction and stress. Leading by joyful example, Master Gu teaches how to use your breath to feel energised. Come alive.


Meditation Course

Get comfortable

Discover with Master Gu how you can find joy in being fully present. Whether you are sitting, standing, lying down, rain or shine, use your imagination and senses to enjoy just being. No goals. Just be.

Taoism Course

Live naturally

“Tao is the way of nature.” To understand the Tao is to learn how to live harmoniously. Master Gu explores ancient philosophy and medicine to help you find happiness in simplicity.

Chinese Culture

Live elegantly

Experience the cultural arts of China: music, calligraphy, feng shui, tea, and more. Learn how your practice extends into the spaces you create and how you spend your time. Rediscover emptiness and let it fill you with inspiration.


Become less reactive and more compassionate.

Imagine what a difference it would make to your family and friends if you were less reactive, slower to anger, and more compassionate. These are all qualities that can be developed through practice. Master Gu teaches tai chi, qi gong, and meditation not as a movement practice but a training for life. Learn to live from the present moment and build a trust in yourself that’s so deep that ease and compassion are your default ways of being.

Become stronger and more flexible

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are gentle yet powerful practices. Imagine how your life could be different with strong, flexible legs. You’ll feel more grounded, your balance will improve, and you’ll fall over less. You’ll stand for longer, comfortably. You'll feel more resilient.

Slow the ageing process

Imagine how your family and friends seeing you in your 80s and thanks to your practice, you move like a 60 year old. Longevity is the promise of Taoist practice. Through calming your mind and strengthening your body, learn how you can live vibrantly no matter how old you are.

Access your potential

Through guided practice, balance your mind, body, and spirituality. The consequence of Taoist practice is a holistic, natural peace and joy. Access your latent potential.

A true Academy experience centered on your wellness

100+ hours of easy to follow online courses
Lectures, seminars, and step-by-step instruction
Learn alongside
other students
See students learn in the videos and receive tips from their learning experience
Shot in the beautiful Wudang Mountains in Full HD
Join Master Gu in ancient temples and forests for tours and training

Master Gu’s teachings are just a tap away.

Pause and rewind. Use your laptop or learn in nature with our free mobile app.

When the student is ready,
The teacher appears.

We know finding inspiring Tai Chi teachers is hard. We are super excited that you are here because we believe you have found your teacher.

Master Gu is the 15th generation of the San Feng Pai. A Tai Chi family that traces its lineage all the way back to Zhang San Feng, the founder of Tai Chi. You now have the opportunity to study with an authentic Taoist Master who teaches from the living heart of Tai Chi culture: the Wudang mountains.

Among the martial artists in Wudang, he is the only one who teaches in fluent English. While most institutions focus primarily on movement teaching, Master Gu shows his students how to follow the Taoist Way: not only movement but also internal alchemy and cultural exploration.

Master Gu embodies Taoism, the way of nature: deep wisdom with joyful, care-free living. He teaches at his Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy (WTWA) and connects with millions on the internet through the YouTube series Tea Time Taoism. He is excited to share the rich Taoist culture with you.


Years of teaching

11 million+

Views on YouTube


Online Academy students


Tai Chi Online Classes: A Journey into Health and Harmony


Embark on a transformative journey with Master Gu's globally renowned online classes of Tai Chi. Recognized as an authentic Taoist master, Master Gu brings the ancient teachings of Wudang Tai Chi right into the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re new or deepening your practice, our courses cater to all levels.

Our comprehensive Tai Chi courses cover various styles, including the graceful Yang style Tai Chi and Chen style Tai Chi, ensuring a holistic experience. Master Gu, a lineage holder of the Imperial Yang family, personally instructs students according to ancient principles, making our program uniquely authentic.

Learn Tai Chi online at your own pace with over 100 instructional and informational videos, accessible from anywhere. These classes are not just video lessons; they're an interactive experience with regular Q&A sessions and a vibrant Tai Chi community online. Our easy-to-follow courses are designed to help you master Tai Chi moves and principles, such as the three rings of Yang Jianhou, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Enroll now in our online classes, where tradition meets modern convenience, and begin your journey towards health, meditation, and mastery in the privacy of your own home. With free trials and accessible content, there's no better time to choose the path to calm the mind and invigorate the body with Master Gu's Tai Chi online classes.

Watch what our students have to say about the academy ⬇️


Sounds great!

So, how much does it cost?

For context, if you were to come to China to attend Master Gu’s physical academy, one year of tuition would cost $16,000.

Of course, physically learning on the Wudang mountains with Master Gu is an incomparable, transformative experience. However, THOUSANDS of online academy students have shared just how transformative the academy has been for their lives.

The online academy gives you access to Master Gu’s teachings anytime, anywhere. You can pause, rewind, and learn in a way that fits your own schedule. All available at a fraction of what it would cost to learn physically with Master Gu.

So how much does it cost to become a student?:

Become a student of the Online Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy:



  • 24/7 access to current and future courses
  • Beautiful HD lessons filmed in Wudang Mountains
  • Chinese phrases translated
  • PDF Study Guides
  • Free mobile app for both iOS and Android  

Free Bonus #1: Access to the Tai Chi Family Community 

(Value = priceless)

Do you not know many Tai Chi practitioners close to where you live? Are you worried you won’t stick to your practice because you’re doing it by yourself?

One of the most impactful parts of the online academy is the COMMUNITY. Chat in our in-house forum, share advice, and get feedback. Share your learning journey with fellow life explorers from over 75 countries!

We also connect you with practice partners, a group who started the academy at a similar time to you. Supported in the community, your practice will be easy and joyful. You are welcomed to the famed Tai Chi Family!

🌍 Access to WTWA student community space

💪 Practice Accountability Buddy System

🏔 Included FREE in your student membership

Student Case Study: Charles Peebles

“One of the best things that ever happened to me”


In our hectic world, peace and balance seem ever harder to grasp. If you too find yourself searching for them, you’re not alone.

Taoism has been helping people find and nurture these vital aspects of fulfilled living for thousands of years.

Discover how Charles, a WTWA Online student, discovered the healing potential of Taoism, and with it, a powerful new calmness, comfort, and harmony.

Free Bonus #2: Live Monthly Mentoring with Master Gu!

(Worth $360)

From the very beginning, Master Gu didn’t just want to make online courses, he wanted to create an online ACADEMY.

So, to support your practice, Master Gu jumps on Zoom each month for a live community mentoring session.

An hour of group online teaching with Master Gu normally costs $30 a session. We’ve included live teaching as a free bonus for all online academy students.

Get to know Master Gu and the student community. Get your specific questions answered, deepen your practice, and feel stronger and more at ease!

🫶 Monthly Intimate Live Zoom Workshop with Master Gu

⏱ Recordings available

💪 Value = $360

🏔 Included FREE in your student membership

An example livestream meditation

The monthly livestreams usually feature a mix of philosophy and wellness practices. This practice can be tai chi, qi gong, meditation, or a mix of all three, always led by Master Gu.

Here is an example of a short, livestreamed meditation session.


Student Case Study: Rosa Parella

“You’ve found the right place!”


"I got into Daoism around a year ago. I was channel hopping at home, and a Chinese historical drama came on. I saw how they featured Daoism and the Chinese way of life, and realised it was basically the way I had been living my life for the last 50-odd years.

I looked for more information on Daoism and that’s how I found WTWA: by accident (though we all know that accidents are not really accidents!)

If you’re looking for the true Daoist culture but can't get to Wudangshan, then you’ve found the right place. You can still live Daoism by accessing the platform and its content.

Everything on the platform is really interesting, from the lessons themselves to all the extras like the livestream and communities. Master Gu’s teaching is at once fascinating, fun, and authentic. I’ve learned not just Chinese Culture and Daoism but Tai Chi and Qi Gong too.

Do give it a try because it's really, really worth it. You can study whenever and wherever you like. To me, it’s the best academy out there."

Free Bonus #3: Access to the “Easy Tai Chi” practice system

(Worth $197)

Worried you won’t have time to practice? Or it’s going to be hard and confusing?

As the academy has grown older, we’ve learned that the biggest thing stopping our students from getting the full benefit of Tai Chi is not keeping up a regular practice.

So we’ve created a cutting edge guided practice system based on behavioral science that makes Tai Chi practice easy and enjoyable so that anyone can do it.

We’ve broken the curriculum into easy to digest 10-minute videos, including guided reflection questions.

Finally, you’ll be able to move mindfully, everyday with effortless ease.

🛣 Guided curriculum showing how you can get benefit from your tai chi practice in as little as 10 minutes a day

😌 Guided reflection questions

🌞 Taoist daily routine checklist

💪 Value = $197

🏔 Included FREE in your student membership

Student Case Study: Thomas Bricker

“The perfect combination of content of quality."


"I’d been interested in tai chi for some time, so when the pandemic hit, I was determined to take it up more seriously.

Having followed George's videos on YouTube for quite a while, I admired the quality of his filmmaking and absolutely loved Master Gu’s charisma. When I discovered that he and Master Gu were launching the online academy, I knew it’d be great and couldn’t wait to join.

Now I have this perfect combination of content and quality. I like the way the lessons are shot, the sound is perfect, and the system is very easy to access. Whether it's Qi Gong, Tai Chi, philosophy, or meditation, it’s all there 24/7.

But Master Gu is, of course, the main reason I joined. His delivery is incredible, and his command of English is beautiful. His knowledge and sincerity just permeate everything he says and does. I could listen and learn with him all day long!"

Free Bonus #4 - Master Gu Motivational Posters

(Worth $47)

Get inspired by our motivational posters: beautiful photos of Master Gu with nuggets of Daoist wisdom.

Print them off, stick them on your phone or computer!

Become a student of the Online Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy:



  • 24/7 access to current and future courses
  • Beautiful HD lessons filmed in Wudang Mountains
  • Chinese phrases translated
  • PDF Study Guides
  • Monthly Live Q&A with Master Gu
  • Membership of student community
  • Free mobile app for both iOS and Android

How to Live Long and Live Well

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Explore and Practise

Have fun!

Live Long, Live Well

Through mastering ancient healing arts

See what the fuss is for yourself, for no risk with our free trial

Over thousands of years, the Taoist culture developed powerful practices that can help anyone live with a natural vitality. 
Thanks to the internet you now have a special opportunity to learn directly from an authentic Taoist Master.
If you take the lessons to heart and practise, we are confident that WTWA Online is one of the best investments you can make for your wellness.
You will learn to:
  • Live with more energy
  • Develop strong legs and be able to balance well
  • Express yourself with your body
  • Reconnect with your natural power
  • Let go of pain and accept your whole self
  • Live joyfully!

We hope you are excited about what you can learn! But we understand you may still be unsure if the academy is right for you. That's why we invite you to become a student, for free, for 7 days before your membership begins. 

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Short dialogues about Taoism: a podcast with Master Gu, hosted by his disciple Eli.

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