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The Online WTWA is an immersive online academy. Each course includes extensive video content: lectures, seminars, step by step instruction and multi-angle demonstrations. Each course also includes a PDF companion guide. The courses are available at any time, as long as you are connected to the internet. In addition, courses can be paused, fast-forwarded, and reviewed as many times as you like!
The Online WTWA is designed to promote your holistic wellness. There are six areas of learning for your mind, body and spirit:
  1. Fundamental training
  2. Wudang Tai Chi Forms
  3. Qi Gong Forms
  4. Guided Taoist meditations
  5. Taoist philosophy & medicine
  6. Chinese culture
These 'courses' in turn have different modules, and each module consists of multiple video lessons.
For example, one module in the Qi Gong course is the Five Animal Qi Gong Form, which consists of 20 separate lessons. In the Tai Chi course, from Day 1 you get the Wudang Tai Chi 8 Form and the 33 Form.
Modules are released over time. If you were to come to the physical WTWA, you would not be taught all the Forms from Day 1 — this is because time is required to master the moves and each Form builds on the previous.
In your first year you will have access to three Tai Chi Forms. This is on top of all the additional content in the other courses.
We front-load the content available in the year so that even very fast students will feel there more than enough to learn!
You also receive access to the Student Community, where you can chat, discuss and learn among your fellow students. And, of course, monthly live Q&A sessions with Master Gu himself.
One annual payment of only $299 USD gives you access to the online WTWA for a whole year!

The online academy does not provide certification nor instructor qualification. We take this position to preserve the value of certification from Master Gu, the physical school and its peers in the Wudang Mountains.

Studying in Wudang, and understanding the location's important place in the history and tradition of Taoism as in Wudang Tai Chi, is vitally important to one's becoming a cultivator. It is requisite both to becoming a disciple of Master Gu or any other master, and to being able to adequately instruct others in Taoist wellness.

We process our payments through ThriveCart, a globally trusted, secure checkout tool. This allows us to accept payment by card (through Stripe) and PayPal, as well as offer split payment.

We only offer yearly memberships. This allows you to relax into being a student of the Online WTWA for a whole year and learn at your own pace. It also shows commitment to Master Gu. WTWA Online is an academy with fellow students. It's not designed to be something that people drop in and out of each month.

We recently invested in a new checkout partner which enables payment for your year's membership to be made in instalments. Please note this is a split payment plan for the same one-year membership. It is not a shorter rolling subscription.

You can view classes on any Internet-enabled device, in any modern browser. You can also use the Kajabi app, which can be downloaded here.
The courses are available at any time, as long as you are connected to the Internet.
Due to copyright concerns, videos cannot be downloaded. To view videos, you must be online (i.e. have access to the Internet).
You can re-watch lessons as many times as you like while you have an active subscription.
You can cancel your membership at any time by getting in touch with us via email.
Canceling a subscription means you will no longer be billed at the next renewal date, but you will still have access to all the programs you subscribed to for the rest of the year, until the subscription ends. If you are paying for your membership in installments and cancel your subscription, your payments and access to the academy will continue until the end of the year's membership.

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