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Why Tai Chi?

Tai Chi isn't just a powerful wellness practice – it's a philosophy for life. Rooted in ancient Taoist principles, Tai Chi is a holistic practice that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Through gentle, flowing movements, it cultivates balance, strength, and inner peace.

Become less reactive and more compassionate.

Imagine what a different it would make to your family and friends if you were less reactive, slower to anger, more compassionate. These are all qualities that can be developed through practice.

Master Gu teaches tai chi, qi gong and meditation not as a movement practice but a training for life. Learn to live from the present moment and build a trust in yourself that’s so deep that ease and compassion is your default way of being.

Become stronger and more flexible

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are gentle yet powerful practices. Imagine how your life could be different with strong, flexible legs. You’ll feel more grounded, your balance will improves, you’ll fall over less. You’ll stand for longer, comfortably. You'll feel more resilient.

Slow the ageing process

Imagine how your family and friends seeing you in your 80s and thanks to your practice, you move like a 60 year old. Longevity is the promise of Taoist practice. Through calming your mind and strengthening your body, learn how you can live vibrantly no matter how old you are.

Access your potential

Through guided practice, balance you mind, body and spirituality. The consequence of Taoist practice is a holistic, natural peace and joy. Access your latent potential.

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here

At the Taoist Wellness Academy Online, we're committed to guiding you on your path to holistic health. Our comprehensive library of Tai Chi lessons, led by Master Gu, an authentic Taoist Master from the heart of China, is designed to suit all levels – from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Master Gu is the 15th generation of the San Feng Pai. A Tai Chi family that traces its lineage all the way back to Zhang San Feng, the founder of Tai Chi. You now have the opportunity to study with an authentic Taoist Master who teaches from the living heart of Tai Chi culture: the Wudang mountains.
Among the martial artists in Wudang he is the only one who teaches in fluent English. While most institutions focus primarily on movement teaching, Master Gu shows his students how to follow the Taoist Way: not only movement but also internal alchemy and cultural exploration.
Master Gu embodies Taoism, the way of nature: deep wisdom with joyful, care-free living. He teaches in his Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy (WTWA) and connects with millions on the internet through the YouTube series Tea Time Taoism. He is excited to share the rich Taoist culture with you.

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