Study in China


  • L-type (Lüyou)
    • for tourists to stay up to 3 months
    • no need for an invitation letter
  • F-type (Fangwen) 
    • for exchanges, visits, study tours and other activities to stay for 1 to 6 months
    • If staying for 3 months or longer, acceptance letter may be needed.
  • X-type (Xuesheng)
    • for students to stay longer than 3 months
    • If staying for 3 months or longer, acceptance letter may be needed. 
      • X1 to study in China for more than 180 days
      • X2 to study in China for up to 180 days

You can check the nearest Chinese Embassy in your country or the website for updates.


  • Apply for visa according to your expected duration of stay before flying to China.
  • If unable to secure a visa for the expected length of stay, we can assist in getting an extension for your visa.
  • Be mindful of the validity of your visa and remember to apply for an extension before it expires.


  • Available after a deposit of 100 USD
  • If needed, an admission letter with confirmation of the length of stay will be included.
  • Required information:
    • Full Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
    • Nationality
    • Passport Document Number
    • Duration of stay including date of arrival


The best weather is usually from March to October. The lowest temperature is

  •  -5° Celsius (23° F) during winter
  • 30° Celsius (86° F) during summer 


WTWA is open all year around. However, Master Gu gets invited to give workshops in different places from time to time. Given this, you may choose from the options below:


Learn with Master Gu


Top features

  • Attend school in Master Gu's presence
  • Learn the Taoist culture straight from the Master in English

Regular Training


Top features

  • Attend school so long as there is regular training classes
  • Learn from Master Gu or other teachers

Experience Wudang


Top features

  • Find peace and tranquility in Wudang's natural surroundings
  • No classes or lessons but will be assisted during stay



Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy 

No.7, Zixiao Village, Wudangshan Special Region,

Danjiangkou City 442714 Hubei Province, P.R. China


Websites: (Wudang academy) academy)


Email Addresses:

Primary (please use this): [email protected]

Secondary (only as a back-up): [email protected]


☯ Basic training for Beginners
☯ Wudang Taiji 8/9 Form
☯ Wudang Taiji 33 Form
☯ Wudang Taiji 28 Form
☯ Wudang Taiji 13 Form
☯ Wudang Taiji 108 Form
☯ Taiyi Wuxing Quan 
☯ Xuanwu Quan 
☯ Taoist Health Qi Gong
☯ Sanfeng Taiji Sword 64 Form 
☯ Taoist Fuchen
☯ Eight Immortal Staff
☯ Taoist philosophy and culture 
☯ Calligraphy 
☯ Mandarin
☯ Chinese culture
☯ Basic Traditional Chinese medicine
☯ and musical instruments (guqin and xiao)

You may choose which ones you'd like to learn. Master Gu and his associate teacher will create a program for you.



Completion Certificate - for short-stay learners 


Qualification Certificate - for those who stayed longer than one year or those who obtained a certain advanced level, regardless of the length of stay.



The rooms are for sharing and can accommodate up to 2 persons. If you would like to have an individual room, it will come with a different price.

We follow a Taoist diet:
80% vegetables, 20% meat

Yin-yang balanced and five-elements theory-guided


  • Fly to China at a gateway city like Beijing or Shanghai
  • Around another 2 hours by plane or 20 hours by train to Wudangshan Airport or Wudangshan (or Shiyan ) station, respectively.
  • In case you miss the last bus from Wudangshan Town to the Wudang Mountains, stay overnight downtown in a hotel.
  • Buy a bus ticket at the Wudangshan Tourist Service Centre for ¥235 (around EUR 22 or USD 25). The ticket price could be lower during off season
  • Someone from the academy will be waiting for your arrival at WTWA.



You can choose how to pay according to your preference.
Click here for the most updated prices.


Name of Bank: Bank of China Wudangshan Branch

Bank Address:
No. 2, Taihe Road, Wudangshan Special Region,
Hubei Province, P. R. China

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ600

CNAPS Code: 104539109004 (if needed)

Account number: 6217857600029232621

Name of the account holder: 顾世毅 (Gu Shiyi)

ID number: 422601196602053035

Accountholder's Address:
No. 299, Laoying Community,
Wudangshan Special Region,
Danjiangkou, 442714, Hubei Province, P.R. China

Contact Master Gu