The Academy Learning Guide

This page helps you understand what is available and how to deepen your practice, no matter your starting point. 

We are delighted to have you with us. Let's start with a welcome from Master Gu!


A nourishing journey is ahead

Daoism offers healing ideas and practices for your mind, body and spirit - there is much to explore!

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Where to begin?
Start your morning like a Daoist

Morning Meridian Adjustment 

Do Master Gu's meridian adjustment each morning and feel an awakening of your energy. Adjust to the amount of time you have available. Even five minutes of mindful movement can be powerful. 

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Try a Qi Gong form

Qi Gong strengthens your body, improves your flexibility and calms the mind. Over your time as a student, you will learn different Qi Gong forms. Your first form is the 5 Animal Qi Gong.

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How to make the most of the academy


Features of the academy

This video explains how to make the most of the community, use subtitles and more!

Learn about the Wudang mountains

Where is Wudang? Why does it have such a rich wellness culture? Master Gu shares the story of the “supreme harmony mountain”.


How to download the app

Enjoy your practice in nature! Click here to download the app. 
To log in, enter your email address and password.
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Introduce Yourself!

We have a supportive student community, click the link below to introduce yourself!

Each month there is a Zoom call with Master Gu. We also have a chat room on Discord. You can find the links on the side of the community page.

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How your learning is structured

New content is released every fortnight to a month. This replicates how you would learn at the physical academy - you get deeper over time. You’ll be emailed when learning becomes available.

How to practice Wudang Taiji

Flow Like Water

Learn about the origins of Taiji Quan

Back in the academy's central study, Master Gu shares how Zhang Sanfeng discovered taiji...


Decide on a practice routine

Reduce daily decisions to routine. Decide when you want to practice and flow into your taiji.

Start a Taiji form 

What form would you like to learn? Taiji 8 form is the best for beginners. It’s short and includes some of the most important moves of Wudang Taiji. 

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Learn strength and flexibility fundamentals 

A strong and flexible body makes for more powerful taiji practice and a more powerful life. Master Gu shares the fundamental moves he does every day.

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Time to get deeper!

Enjoy a Daoism lecture

Master Gu get’s deep with Daoist philsophy. Join him in the school to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine and much more! 

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Sink into some Chinese Culture

We're approaching the end of our tour of the academy, and hopefully you'll agree that there's plenty to learn!

Remember to reward your work with rest and play. The Chinese Culture course offers cultural insights to deepen your experience of Daoist and wider Chinese living practices. Enjoy a song from Master Gu.

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Thank you

I hope you’ve found this guide useful. You can find this information also in a handy PDF Welcome Pack, download here.

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